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Mount Gambier limestone is a natural product which is widely used in all types of home construction as it has the versatility to suit any design from the Ultra Modern to the Cosy Cottage.

The exterior can be constructed of:

By using Mount Gambier Limestone for your internal walls it gives an excellent natural insulation thus eliminating the need to additionally insulate your walls. The fabulous fire and acoustic properties of Mount Gambier Limestone give a greater thermal protection and a reduction in noise level throughout your home ensuring a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere.


Being a natural product Mount Gambier Limestone may have slight colour variation of White to Off White



Mount Gambier Limestone is a marine deposit of creamy white calcium carbonate, cellular in nature. This structure gives it excellent acoustic and insulation properties. The blocks, known as "ashlars" have been in use for 100 years, and are virtually maintenance free.


There are many uses:

It is not only easy to use; it is also one of the least expensive building materials available.


Building methods are basically the same as those used with bricks, that is, stone veneer or double wall with cavity. The ashlars are sawn at the quarry and delivered direct to site. A standard size ashlar is equivalent in area to about 10 standard bricks, and about 100 per day can be laid - a big saving in labour costs. There is also a big saving in mortar since only about 20% of the amount for equivalent brickwork is required.


Limestone is an excellent medium for sculpturing as it is extremely easy to work with. Ordinary wood working tools such as saws, chisels, planes etc can be used.


Ashlars are also available in 290mm and 240mm high Rock Face.

Lintils can be cut in limestone provided that the opening does not exceed 1.5m (5ft). Lintils for a single doorway are 1.3m (4ft 4In), and for a double doorway 1.65m (6ft 6In). For openings larger than 1.5m, reinforced concrete lintils or galv lintils are advisable. These can be rendered to match the limestone. (Check with local council building regulations.)

Quoins: Corners are an ashlar of double thickness these are supplied and to be cut on site into an L shape. The rebated piece can be used as an ordinary ashlar.


Foundation is of concrete.
For stumps and bearers, dwarf walls with 115mm ashlars set on solid ground are used. Wood plates 75 x 25mm are nailed along the top, and flooring joists nailed to the plates. How ever, it is advisable to check with your local council for appropriate building regulations.

A mix of 2 parts limil and 9 parts clean course sand and 1 part cement. Allow 10mm (.75In) joint and wet the top of each course before spreading the mortar.

Damp Course:
Standard methods apply as per council building regulations.

Doors and Window Frames:
25mm diameter x 25mm holes are drilled with an ordinary auger, skewed in opposite directions, and plugged with wooden dowels. Jambs and sashes are then nailed into position.

Window Sills:
Use limestone, glazed tiles, or slates.

Chimneys and Fireplaces:
Chimneys may be built with limestone but the fireplace must be lined with fire brick.

Cleaning Ashlars:
Before pointing the joints, the surface of the wall can be cleaned and evened by "dragging" with course sand paper spread over a wooden trowel or a steel drag.

After laying the mortar, and while still damp, the joints can be either raked to a depth of 10mm, or pointed by filling the joints with a mixture of stone dust, white cement, small handful fine sand and limil, to match the colour of the ashlars or roll jointed.
Darker mortar can be used and roll jointed.


Internal Walls:
Internal walls can be plastered and painted.

External Walls:
External walls can have a Water Based Sealer applied to help in the prevention of discolouring.

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